BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Woman Owned Brand ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

Things a stylish Tomboi says & so can YOU! ❤️

Inspiring⚡️Fun, Confidence & Equality

She wants you to BE YOU & Enjoy Life! 🙌🏾

FiTTiD TomBoi is a reminder of fun, empowering beliefs people can use every day.

Each design is a positive visual cue that can reduce anxiety or depression. And repetition helps new beliefs become automatic.

Likely benefits of the brand are:

    Relational Conflicts 
      Tangible Coping Tools
      (A Message from the owner Phoenix Sunrise)

      FiTTiD TomBoi is more than a lesbian brand. 

      I’m not ashamed of my gayness. That (being gay) is just not all that I am so my brand FiTTiD TomBoi is not just for gay women. It’s from the perspective of a gay woman, but I don't really want it to be pigeonholed into a certain demographic. It started out that way, but ultimately, I could never really see it being only for gay women. That felt too limited, in my reach with the message that I was trying to get out to people. I struggled with that for a long time but in the end, what’s always come out is just the pure message of confidence, self-confidence and loving yourself, no matter who you are. It comes from a TomBoi’s perspective so the underlying foundation is a gay woman, a confident gay woman’s perspective on how I have coped and learned to enjoy life, and be myself, but it’s not only meant to be worn by other gay women. That’s why the designs are not a bunch of rainbows and gay stuff. I do have some gay related things that I will be putting out. But the only thing I do incorporate into most of my designs is an equal sign which stands for the foundation of gay pride and equality, being seen and accepted for who we are. That we’re not fundamentally different than anyone else, we all just express ourselves in our own unique way. So the Brand IS the perspective of a gay woman AND the unique expression of who I am, as a person.

      🙌🏾 Px